Headline--July 26, 1996:
If you think puberty and PMS are problems,
have I got a Hot Flash for you.
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Mid-life...a journey

Along with the appearance of those first crow's feet, wisps of white peeking through, a few little sags here and there with a wrinkle or two thrown in comes the realization that good habits and healthy living will not exempt us from aging or experiencing moments when all we want is the coolness of a Breeze to gently ease our discomfort.

Mid-life...a journey and how we choose to experience it will depend on our understanding of self. We all know that some things have to change with time and aging...mainly youthful bodies and our ability to accept some limitations.

Our society being so youth orientated often dismisses women as they mature leaving many envious of their younger sisters.. As we approach our "Crone" years, we must make a decision to celebrate age rather than bemoan it. For in honoring who we are becoming a wonderful quest awaits... a journey of discovery.

When we first hear the word "Crone" we cringe. Dreadful images appear before us, some not so flattering but as we continue to explore the True meaning of this word we find ourselves captivated by the meaning it extends to us.

The word Crone is derived from the Tradition of the Triple Goddess depicting the 3 stages of a woman's development... birth: innocent, virginal, maiden: wife, mother, and finally elder: wise-woman, crone. The Crone is a being of age old wisdom and was widely recognized for her wisdom, knowledge and spirituality. At the time of menopause, it is said that she herself can partake of its Wisdom. In many older cultures she became known as crone or hag, words whose original meaning meant "wise one", revered elder of the circle.

The word crone has long been defined by society's disdain for old women. Here, we choose to name ourselves "crones" to raise consciousness around issues of aging. Crone is not the disregarded old hag that is defined by Webster but rather as the fulfillment of female life experiences and wisdom.

Native Americans have wisely known for generations that Crone is the model for empowerment, the recognition of wisdom and knowledge in women of age.

As we gather here celebrating our passage through mid-life, we have the opportunity to explore and expand our vision. As women we have the ability to teach those who follow that by valuing the lives of our elderly, all generations will become enriched.

The Native American Indian, Hopi, Prophecy states. "When the Grandmothers speak the earth will be healed."

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